Waiting and dating book review german dating sites america

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Our objective, when we read it as a couple, was simply to find areas in our marriage that we could work on and improve.

But, since reading the book, I focus most of my energy on those 2 love languages instead of floundering about with the other three wondering why he wasn’t reacting as I expected he should.We also took the quiz just to make sure I was right… It was so fun to see in “black and white” how we could best serve each other.This book has definitely earned its spot on our bookshelf and I love giving it away to newlyweds as the perfect way to start off their marriage!I read the book for the first time as an assignment in a marriage and family therapy class.It was hands down the best book I read that semester and over the course of both my career and marriage. It is written in such a user-friendly format that everyone can understand and learn from it.

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