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'Eighty per cent of over-45s who come to see me are men,' says Dr Cummings. Many have been married for 20 years, sex at home is stale and they've ended up having casual sex with a colleague or sex worker.'They tend to be high achievers who've been so driven at work that they hit their 40s and feel they've missed out on a more hedonistic side of life.They're feeling the pressure of work, redundancies, the economic climate, mortgage and school fees.'If their marital sex life has gone stale, then the grass can seem a bit greener with a flirtatious work colleague, for example, and sex can feel like a release from their stresses.

'Recently, people seem to have adopted a devil-may-care attitude to life, spurred by the gloomy economic and jobs climate,' he says.

A blonde executive in a trouser suit stares fixedly at the wall.

They look for all the world as if they are waiting for a meeting with their lawyer or accountant.

'They try to reclaim it with relentless socialising, sexual liaisons and experimentation.

'The people I see in their 30s and 40s have worked incredibly hard for a number of years.

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