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The final monologue shifts a conceptual focus from the sisters to a new character, Agnieszka Wersynska (in this adaptation a wife of lieutenant colonel wife) (actress Miglė Polikevičiūtė).The play about Versinina wife only hinted at, and the play it becomes an important character, which not only embodies the widespread society of Tipaza (called the man to the arts, popular spiritual theories and practices clichés suffused thinking and manners, is not sought dividing the left and right pseudofilosofinius tips) but also is a kind of the socium seismometer: mentally unstable, irrational, fragile Agnieszka his “spiritual I caught during (where any pseudo approaches and becomes difficult to be separated from archetipiškos god Silly assertions) near the many platitudes expresses the performance of important insights, and featured in the New year night bandaged wrists, ghost make-up and somnambuliška posture creates our aggressive, militant public offerings image.When video goes black and white, it reminds us that all images once and forall will become historical and potential long-distance perspective is born: what is happening now, will soon be reviewed as historical evidence.Along those close-ups of military men celebrating New Year, awakens memories of a past world wars.A young scenographer Simon Biekšaitė, successfully continues to collaborate with Yana Ross, (Wunschkonzert, TR Warszawa); she moves the action from private Prozorov home into a kind of transit zone, area with a pool and dining tables, festive lights and fireworks.Hangar’s backwall’s live-media is designed by Algirdas Gradauskas feeds an omni-present eye of six surveillance cameras which switch from multi- to a single camera close-ups in moments of tension.

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En kväll av mayhem och terror när ökända The Dwarves (US) gör en exklusiv Sverigespelning i Karlstad!The militarization of Imperial Russia at the start of the 20th century when Chekhov was writing Three Sisters is uncanny parallel to our current frantic mobilization of NATO forces in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Russian Imperial phantom pains on the border with Ukraine and the Baltics.Chekhov was looking at the violent intrusion of the military force into civilian routine.Actress Miglė Polikevičiūtė exactly feels and conveys his character’s duality, without losing (intervals macabre) humor distance.” ”In this performance, Ross radically deconstructs and reassembles the play, pushing it to the edge of the 21-st century and the edge is not only geographical, the edge of Europe or the world, the borderline is also symbolic and full of linguistic tension.There are none of the usual “Chekhovian” tones or cliches— everything is adjusted to reflect the moment in time.

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