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She (Mange) then went a step further to offer Dillish free advice to basically Dump Diamond if doesn’t end with Zari The Boss Lady… Zari …the mother of five via instagram in response quickly told her fans that whether or not Diamond stays, she doesn’t care since she is rich enough to take care of herself and kids. They (her sons) have so much money when each turns 18.

Melvin Oduah speaks up about his reason for still being. Lirik lagu ost dating agency, Is dillish mathews dating melvin, Online dating for.

Melvin Oduah explains his reasons for not getting involved with any of the.

August 24, August 15, She asked him if it's both at the same time, to which he said he liked Dillish first.

Speculations of the two dating started a few weeks ago after Dillish posted a video of herself working out with Adebayor’s private instructor Dovies at Adebayor’s private gym in the Togolese capital Lome.

Last week Dillish posted a photo of herself in the Turkish Capital Istanbul complaining how cold it was.

As you can see people, it's a very easy give away.

Neither Dillish nor Adebayor has responded to the reports.Hamisa named her son after the singer who has denied the allegations over and over again. Thanks for having our backs.” Adding that she ain’t got time to bicker over a man with other women as there are plenty of ‘fish’ (men)in the sea. Meanwhile, Dillish Mathews is also in the mix of things…with Outspoken all things Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi suggesting (well to be honest this lady has a way of being spot on) that Diamond took the now 27 year old Dillish to a romantic get away in Zanzibar. Ivan built a legacy for me that I can afford that any day anytime. Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor and Dillish Mathews, winner of the 2013 Big Brother Africa - The Chase are a couple!The couple accidentally gave themselves away today on social media.

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