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In January 2009 I also added a section entitled "in his defence" which includes some points in his defence which were emailed to me by a reader., School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia DLitt, Mid-Continent University, Kentucky Regent of the School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia Adjunct Professor, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia Florida Christian College, Guest Lecturer , University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture This is an undergraduate degree in agriculture, not science.There are at least two issues to touch on here: to what degree does, to use the researcher’s term, inbreeding exist among the Amish, and how it should be described. It’s true that it’s probably easier for the average Amish person to trace a genealogical connection to his spouse than it would be for a non-Amish person.While close cousin marriages are widely discouraged, in a limited, largely closed population, more distant relations inevitably wed.

However this traditionally leads youth to seek life partners in other communities. ” probably hinges on how you define the term, how close or distant a relationship must be to be considered “inbreeding”.

Today’s question springs from a new study on a genetic mutation which causes a form of mental retardation among Amish.

Like other genetic research involving the Amish, this study will probably help them health-wise.

Grady Mc Murtry's MS is in forestry and was issued by the State University College of Forestry at Syracuse University in 1972.

This is part of the State University of New York, an umbrella for various institutions in New York state mainly providing vocational qualifications.

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