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Mauritius is a tropical climate so welcomes visitors all year round.Sun drenched days are a plenty, and whether you choose to have your wedding in their summer or winter is up to personal preference.Racial micro-aggressions are essentially normalised, everyday acts of racism, and we can’t just brush them under the carpet.‘I don’t think guys realise they’re being offensive.They think it’s a compliment because girls want to feel unique.'The first year student, whose mother is Mauritian and father half South African, explained that while a word like 'exotic' sounds harmless, it is actually very troubling.‘Being called "exotic" is racist and I think a lot of people don’t realise that.

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There’s chances of heavy rain but the clouds soon burn off to reveal beautiful skies.

‘It made me feel objectified.’After many of her mixed-race friends reported encountering the same kind of behaviour, Miss Smith decided to tackle things in her own way and wrote about her experience.

Just one example was a friend being complimented for being 'so light skinned for a black girl'.

Sometimes they listen to me.‘It feels like I’m making a difference even if it’s just to one person.

I'm going to keep doing that.'She also thinks more needs to be done to make people aware when they’re being racist.‘I suppose my message to people using these sites is focus on the individual you’re talking to and not their race.’Bumble has been approached for further comment.

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