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850,000 American adults—mostly women—are targets of cyber-stalking each year in USA, according to the U. Most cyber harassment occurs in anonymity; the perpetrator hides behind a pseudonym (“trolling”) and either targets a specific victim, or is nonspecific about the target.

On the other hand, “unwanted sexual attention” occurs when the perpetrator targets a specific victim, and is himself/herself not anonymous; the victim often knows who the perpetrator is, and the perpetrator sends messages directly relating to sex and/or sexuality which are unwanted or unwelcome by the victim.

Sexual coercion is an extreme case of unwanted sexual attention wherein sexual cooperation is forced through various pressures applied on the victim.While such assaults are damaging to anyone, their effects on children are particularly serious.Children and youngsters, the ubiquitous digital natives, are not only the easiest targets of cyber sex crimes because of their ignorance and naivety (and possibly misplaced bravado), but are also the most affected group.Given the novelty of the digital era, there is, as yet, no formal definition of cybersexual violence.But extending our definition of offline sexual violence to the cyberworld, cybersexual assault may be described as the use of digital tools, in particular, social media and communication technologies, for unwarranted sexual comments and advances, solicitation of sexual favors, and sexual coercion.

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