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The story of how this schoolboy reached superstar status in the world of classical music is extraordinary.Yet, when his devastated parents were told that their baby son was chronically disabled, they could never have dreamt that he would emerge as one of the most remarkable young musicians of his time. I thought, "What on earth is life going to hold for him now? Never in a million years did I ever imagine that Lloyd would become a composer and a conductor.'He wouldn't follow a torch, and there was no reaction in his pupils when a beam of light was shone into his eyes.Standing in that room, it was the first time I heard the consultants say the word "blind".'Even though Lloyd had already had speech therapy, the doctors told me it was simply a delay in his development, and that he would catch up eventually.I had tried calling Lloyd from behind the door, and he didn't turn to greet me.

His brother, Gareth, was 19 months old, and the family lived in a modest home in Bridgend, south Wales.'Then, a few days later, I took Lloyd for his eight week check-up.There, the midwife discovered that he had no control over his head.His teachers wore microphones, which played their voices directly into Lloyd's hearing aids, so that he could follow what they were saying. Lloyd hated sport, and couldn't play football with the other boys because he couldn't see the ball.And at playtime, the noise and confusion meant that he couldn't hear what the other children were trying to say to him.' Lloyd says, 'I can't remember the first time I realised that I was different from the other children at school.

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