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The Pacific clade , were part of the boreotropical flora and entered the New World via the north Atlantic land bridge.We also suggest that the distribution of extant species resulted from the cooling climate at the end of the Eocene.In the case of Sapotaceae, no known fossils from the Cretaceous support a Gondwanan origin, and the Sapotaceae lineage as a whole has been inferred to be about 100 million years (My) old (Bremer et al., 2004).Sideroxyleae should consequently be younger than the 100 My estimated for the family, which refutes the idea that the breakup of Western Gondwana explains its current distribution pattern.In this expanded study, we use sequences from the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer region (nr ITS) to test the phylogenetic hypothesis obtained from analyses of cp DNA sequence data.Reticulate evolution is common among angiosperms (Stebbins, 1947) and may be one explanation for incongruence between organellar and nuclear phylogenies.

Other groups have been shown to have relict distributions caused by the disintegration of the boreotropical flora (Wolfe, 1975).To determine whether the fragmented pantropical distribution of present day Sideroxyleae primarily is the result of long-distance dispersals or represents the remnants of a once continuous distribution in the northern hemisphere, the boreotropical flora, we used phylogenetic analyses of chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA data, Bayesian molecular dating, and Bayesian estimation of ancestral areas.Incongruence between the two data sets was examined with a nuclear low copy gene phylogeny to discover any occurrences of reticulate evolution.This species has not previously been included in phylogenetic analysis but was expected, based on its morphology and geographical distribution, to belong to this African lineage (Smedmark et al., 2006) and an additional 28 Sideroxyleae species, we also aimed to improve the understanding of the evolutionary history of Sideroxyleae in order to propose a classification that better reflects phylogenetic relationships.DNA was extracted with DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (QIAGEN, Valencia, California, USA) following the manufacturer's instructions.

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