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Lebanon's tourism industry also relies on the large number of Lebanese living abroad, who return regularly to the country during the summer season.Old towns still form the center or core of many Lebanese cities and towns.Inhabited since the Neolithic age, it witnessed the arrival of successive civilizations, from Phoenicians and Crusaders to Ottoman Turks.Byblos is a historical Mediterranean region dating back thousands of years and closely associated with the spread of the Phoenician alphabet.Lebanon has a long-standing history of cultural tourism.Interest in the Lebanese Levantine culture was stirred following the visits of many European orientalists, scholars and poets particularly Alphonse de Lamartine, Ernest Renan and Victor Gué the best and most serious chating and dating website 100% free dedicated primarily to date between people who are interested by the Lebanese culture.You Chat with a serious Lebanese man or You can find easily a Lebanese girl for marriage in Beirut, Jounieh, Jbeil (Byblos), Tripoli, Zahle, Tyre, Sidon, Batroun, and in all Lebanese cities and in Americain, Europe and Arab countries. you have two options:1- Try other services, check their lies and come back to the true dating world on!

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After the arrival of the Romans to Phoenicia in 64 B.Significant private investment is currently being made in the modernization and expansion of this sector and international hotel companies have returned to Lebanon.Casino du Liban, which historically constituted a major tourist destination, reopened in 1996.Lebanon has been a refuge for persecuted religious groups for thousands of years, thus adding a vast amount of religious heritage to the country in both Christian and Islamic sanctuaries and holy places.It was founded by the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid ibn Abdel Malek (in the beginning of the 8th century) and takes its name from the Arabic Ain Gerrah meaning "the source of Gerrah", related to the Umayyad stronghold founded in the same era.

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