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“Oh please officer, let’s not make this unpleasant.” Jennifer tried to plead with him.“M’am, if you don’t follow my instructions, it will be unpleasant.She looked to her right and saw the main road nearly a hundred yards away.She heard the metallic click of the cuffs lock around her wrist as the cop pulled her left arm into the middle of her back. ” He grabbed for her other wrist and locked it into the cuff behind her back.Please get out of the car immediately.” Officer would not budge.“Get out of the car now.” Jennifer nearly collapsed when she stepped out onto the dusty road, her knees buckled and her legs shook as she slammed the door shut behind her.He pushed her back until she was pressed against the car.

She hadn’t even noticed the car that followed her from the next block.Feedback/comments/requests to ([email protected]) her lamborghini, when she saw the red and blue lights flashing in her rearview mirror.She had had an argument with her husband, and decided to go on a long drive.When she looked closer at the disgusting roll of fat Jennifer noticed the gun, her eyes locked on the blue steel.Jennifer Lopez screamed ineffectually into the wadded cloth as the cop clamped his meaty hands on her firm breasts, his long fingers dug into her soft flesh.

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